A downloadable game for Windows

Since I am currently satisfied with the combat portion of the game I am now working on the adventure elements of the game, 

Currently in game

-Music finally

-11 adventure Maps

-Random quests per day

-Respawn of enemies and loot chests

-Random loot from chests

-30/30 Skillsets (Where all of your character's skills come from)

-16/16 personalities (where stat distributions come from)



-Potions and items used for skills

-States and effects

-90/90 Specialisations (3 attachments for skillsets which provide more specialisation for skillsets)

-Item crafting

In progress

-World map and maps

-Story and dialogue

-Original Icons

-Gear enchanting

-Beast book


-Original art


Install instructions

Game is in a rar file, open it up and run the "game" executable to start the game.


Crosswell Hero.rar 561 MB

Development log

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