A downloadable game

Initial test release of the combat arena used to balance skills and gauge fun of each element of the game.  This is still very work in progress but i would like to get some early feedback.

Currently in game

-30/30 Skillsets (Where all of your character's skills come from)

-12/100 test fights

-16/16 personalities (where stat distributions come from)

-basic weapons

-basic Armour

-Potions and items used for skills

In progress

-Original Icons(Because the ones I am using have so much overlap)

-States and effects

-60/90 Specialisations (3 attachments for skillsets which provide more specialisation for skillsets)

-Beast book


-Original art


-Gear enchanting

-Item crafting

After all of these are working how I would like them to be working I will start working on an adventure mode with quests and such.

More information

Published 24 days ago
GenreRole Playing
Tagsarena, Fantasy, test

Install instructions

Game is in a zip file, open it up and run the "game" executable to start the game.


Crosswell.zip (88 MB)